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March 2008 Minutes

Lake Blackshear Homeowners Association
Minutes of Quarterly Meeting
March 25, 2008

The regular meeting of the Association was held at Veterans State Park, Group Shelter #2.

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Robert Powell @7:00 PM. 

Board Members present were Robert Powell, Linda Hardin, Bob Davis, George Cook, Harry Hurt, Minamar Rogers, Chuck Wilcox, Hodges Whitaker, and Charles Gillespie.

Harry Hurt led all in prayer for our loss of Billy Williams and Wilson Hamlett.  Both of our Members and Friends will be deeply missed.  Harry presented names of nominated
Directors and Officers -  Directors:  Louis Brown, Jerry Slocomb, Robert Powell, Charles Gillespie, Bucky Brookshire, George Cook, Hodges Whitaker, Ladd Jordan, Chuck Wilcox, and Harry Hurt.  President-Linda Hardin, Vice President-Bob Davis, Secretary-Minamar Rogers and Treasurer-Debbie Powell.   Motion was approved.

Robert turned the meeting over to the new President Linda Hardin.

Linda presided with the motion of the minutes on the web-site of October 10, 2007. They were approved.

The Treasure's report was given by Debbie Powell, Treasurer.

The DNR report was given by Corporal John Martin, filling in for Wade Law.
1- Man Power Shortage:
    Only 1 Range available at present.  Down from 4.    
    Back to full force in near future.
 2- Boaters concerns: 
     A - No regulations at present.
     B - DNR enforces regulations.
     C - Contact Legislators to propose 
          and approve needed regulations.
     D - For concerns contact DNR 1-800-641-4113                       or 911. 

Robert gave the Lake Report:
      1- Power Dam Licensing $1,500,000.00                              licensing expense to date.                  
      2- Hydro-generation - up excitedly above last year                    due to rain fall.
      3- Aquatic weeds will be sprayed this year.
      4- Buoy's - replacing upper end of lake this week and              within 30 days replacing purchased ones.
      5- Legislation - Proposed legist for registration
          and title of boats.

John Kilpatrick - Fishery Biologist for Southwest Georgia
introduced Gov. Sonny Perdue's iniative "Go Fish" program designed to increase number of out-of-state angliers with revenue increase.  New facility to be constructed in Perry, GA. at an expected cost of $450,000.00 to include:
      1- Visitors Center
      2- Game Trails
      3- Fish Ponds and etc.
Program Impact on Lakeblackshear:
      1- Natural Fish Tournament
      2- Boat Ramps
      3- Additional Parking
      4- Fish Hatchery and etc. 

Linda announced our next meeting will be June 24 @7:00PM and our meal meeting will be Sept.23rd @ 7:00PM.  There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

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