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July 2006 Minutes


Lake Blackshear Homeowners Association
Minutes of Annual Meeting
July 11, 2006

Meeting call to order by Les Barnett, previous minutes approved.

Debbie Powell gave treasurers report which was approved.

Membership was reported at 350 members.

Marcus Waters, Resource Mgr. with Crisp Co.Power updated the group on Relicensing of the dam. The fnal license application will be filed in late July. There will then be a public comment period. The potential for fish passage is still the biggest change expected in the new license. Hydro generation in 2nd quarter was well below average due to low flows in river. The aquatic weed control program is proceeding with a private contractor.

Sgt. Wade Law gave us an update on the activities of the DNR on the lake. Everything is going good with little problems. The Fourth they spent the majority of time directing traffic as it was the most they had seen. Continue to have a problem with jet skis, but are trying to deal with them with the parents rather than issuing tickets however as need persist the parents will be ticketed. Overall the ticketing is down.

Dr. Charles Gillespie recommended that a ramp be considered on the Sumter County portion of the lake. Mike Suddeth advised Sumter County was interested in pursuing land for a ramp and park area if land could be found at a reasonable cost. It was asked that residents help in this search.

Robert Powell suggested the association establish a political action committee and that it consist on members from each county, with sub committees operation in each county. Members were asked to contact Robert to volunteer or suggest volunteers.

In later discussion concern was expressed by some homeowners regarding the houseboat which recently appeared on the lake. The concern was two-fold, how sewage was handled and whether this was the beginning of an influx of similar boats. Wade Law with DNR discussed how sewage is handled and felt that there was no significant risk of improper handling. The existing boat is being pumped out on a regular basis and any boats on Blackshear which have heads will be regularly inspected by DNR. He also stated that he did not feel there would be a large number of such boats due to the very limited availablility of sites suitable for mooring. Steve Rentfrow discussed the permitting process for any further expansion of the Marina and noted that a request for expansion there or any similar site would require FERC approval and allow for public comment.

CCPC has no specific regulations regarding houseboats on the lake. We rely on state regulation and inspection in the same manner as Lakes Sinclair, Eufaula, Seminole, Lanier and others.

The Board of Directors voted to have the dinner meeting in October with the Association paying the full cost.

Directors attending were Les Barnett, Minimar Rogers, Ladd Jordan, Billy Williams, Bob Davis, George Cooke, Chuck Willcox, Bucky Brookshier, Hodges Whitaker, and Robert Powell.

There being no further business meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert Powell

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