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February 2004 Minutes

Minutes of Quarterly Meeting
February 24, 2004

The regular meeting of Lake Blackshear Homeowners Association was called to order by President Robert Powell at 7:00 PM February 24th. The meeting was held at Veterans State Park, Group Shelter #2. Approximately 150 people attended.

The Officers attending were: Robert Powell, George Cook and Debbie Powell.

The Directors attending were: Reuben Cook, Wilson Hamlett, Harry Hurt, Ladd Jordan, Les Barnett, Tom Mitchem and Larry Hockman.

The Board of Directors met prior to the regular meeting and reviewed the report and recommendations of the Nominating Committee.

The Minutes of the November 14, 2004 meeting were distributed and were approved as written.

Wilson Hamlett read the list of names nominated to serve as Officers and Directors for the year. They are:

Officers: President: Harry Hurt; Vice President: George Cook; Secretary: Wilson Hamlett; and Treasurer: Debbie Powell.

Directors: Reuben Cook, Tom Mitchem, Ladd Jordan, Dan Tolbert, Les Barnett, Larry Hockman and Robert Powell.

These Officers and Directors were elected unanimously.

President Powell then turned the meeting over to our new President, Harry Hurt. After his acceptance speech, President Harry recognized and thanked Robert for his outstanding service to our Association. President Harry then asked for reports.

Debbie Powell gave the Finance Report, a copy of which had been distributed with the Minutes of our last meeting. She also gave the Membership Report. We are now up to 300 members.

Marcus Waters, with Crisp County Power, reported on lake management activities. The license renewal for the dam is being completed. This will be for the next twenty-five years. He reported that the Legislature had approved 1.7 million dollars for the construction of a marina at the State Park. He also reported that the Department of Transportation had approved the widening of the U.S. 280 bridge to four lanes. The LBHOA was successful in stopping DOT from dumping the old bridge into the lake.

A question was raised as to whether or not our Association members must have property on the waterfront of the lake in order to qualify for membership. It was explained that our By-Laws had been changed and that now residents in the immediate proximity of the lake do qualify for membership. The By-Laws were also amended to enable residents in the lake vicinity to be eligible for membership in the Association, even though they are not property owners.

Jim Maxey, of the Flint River Chapter of Waterfowl Association, reported on the wildlife habitat program on the lake.

Sgt. Wade Law brought an up-to-date report on the DNR activity.

Collis Brown, with the State Flood Plan Management, gave a comprehensive talk on FEMA rules and regulations of the counties surrounding the lake.

President Harry gave the dates of future quarterly meetings in 2004: April 13, July 13, and October 12.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

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