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August 2014 Minutes

Lake Blackshear Homeowners Association Homeowners Association
Minutes of Quarterly Meeting
August 19, 2014

Board members present included Jody Slocum, Bob Davis, Nina Davis, Leonard Duggan, Ted Samples, Stan Jones, Robert Powell and Linda Harden. There were 8 board members and 51 members present. The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.


The Treasurer’s report was given by Robert Powell. We’ve had expenses of $2,705.32, and our ending balance as of 7/31/2014 is $4,300.90.

Jody Slocum presented the Crisp County Power report sent to him by Marcus Waters. The Hydro generation has been at or above average for 2013 & 2014. Hydro unit 3 was damaged by lightning and has been repaired at a cost of $475,000. Insurance did not cover the cost due to the age of the unit. $50,000 was spent on aquatic weed control. The lake will be lowered Nov. 1 – Dec. 15.

DNR – Captain Jeff Swift reported 735 boat stops through 7/31/14.This included 5 BUI’s and 1 minor accident. Buoy issues were raised, he said Crisp Power is aware and planning to purchase and replace some of them. If we see activity that needs their attention we are to call the Americus State Patrol and they will call our DNR directly. Other issues discussed included boat ramp closing for July4th fireworks (only place the Fire Marshall would approve for discharging the fireworks), alligator concerns (alligator hunting season begins in September), and problems with dogs (call Animal Control).

New Business: The board agreed to begin rotating the terms of the board members. Bob Davis and Debbie Powell volunteered to rotate off this year. The remaining members will serve at least one more year. We will try to fill 4 board positions. The following were nominated to serve on the Lake Blackshear Home Owners Association Board: Mr. George Lee and Mr. Tom Hunt.

Robert Powell asked those present to give the association their email address to save the postage cost. Jody Slocum encouraged everyone to invite someone to the Nov. meeting. Greg Kirk will speak.

The next meeting will be Nov 11, at 7:00pm. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.   

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