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April 2009 Minutes

Lake Blackshear Homeowners Association
Minutes of Quarterly Meeting
April 14, 2009

The meeting was called to order by President Linda Harden.   Board members present included Harry Hurt, Chuck Willcox and Jody Slocum.  Minutes and the Treasurer’s report from the last meeting were approved.


Marcus Waters with Crisp County Power gave a report on the lake and the results of the recent heavy rains.  The dam gates were monitored to ensure lake levels did not rise significantly. He also discussed the following items:

Hitchikers – these are unwanted vegetation and animal species that can be introduced to any lake from trailers and boats that have visited other locales.  He cautioned that all boaters should thoroughly wash down boats and trailers and remove all bait and fish after visiting other waters.

Weed Control – there is no money from the state for control, so the burden will be on Crisp Power.  Crews will be out surveying areas to target for spraying.

Buoys – currently in the process of checking out and replacing buoys as needed.

Bass tagging – DNR is shocking the water in certain areas to tag bass.  If the numbers support it, the size limit may be reduced from 14” to 12”.

No report from DNR.


As a matter of information, Harry Hurt addressed a request from the park to help with the purchase of a new commercial mower.  There is no money for new equipment in the state budget for our Park due to the reduction in revenue at the state level.  The Park needs two mowers, but are in dire need of at least one in the near term.  The mowers are commercial types that cost around $9,300.00 each.  The cost reflects the fact that these mowers work every day as opposed to the models for homeowners that may be used once a week.  Harry advised the board of directors would consider a pledge of $1,000.00 should the Park receive the difference in pledges from other entities.  The floor was opened for discussion with no comments.  As there were no objections, the full board will take the matter under consideration.

Linda Harden reported that we all should be aware of and support, if possible, the upcoming cruise specials being offered for the Liberty Lady that start April 17th.  You can get on the  Retreat’s e-mail list for events and schedules by calling them.  Questions were raised regarding how the Retreat publicizes events and where information can be obtained by those not using e-mail.  Linda will contact the Retreat to discuss posting of events.

Guest Speaker

Linda introduced the guest speaker, the Honorable Buddy Harden, our state representative for the 147th District.  Buddy covered many issues that affect not only the park and lake, but impact our area as a whole:

The next meeting dates in 2009 are:

July 14th, and October 13th (Meal will be served)

There being no more business, the meeting was adjourned.

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