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April 2003 Minutes

Lake Blackshear Homeowner's Association
Minutes of regular quarterly meeting
April 8, 2003

1. The regularly scheduled meeting of LBHA was called to to order by President Robert Powell @ 7:00 P.M., April 8, 2003, at Veterans State Park, Group Shelter #2. Prior to the membership meeting the directors and officers met for a short board meeting.

2. Minutes of last meeting were approved as written.

3. Treasurer Debbie Powell gave the financial report. Debbie reported a current balance of $6,968.34. Total income $1381.21, Expenses $196.00. Checking account $1623.13 and money market $5336.21. The treasurer report was accepted as read.

4. Membership report - Debbie reported 275 members on roster.

5. Water quality in Lake Blackshear - Dr. Elder reported there was not any testing being done at this time.

6. Management of Lake -
A. Mosquito Control - Marcus Waters reported as soon as weather cleared spraying would begin. Need dry weather.
B. Weed Control - Very slow and not any problems.
C. Water Flow - Average and above average last month.
D. Fishing - Studies are underway on Shoal Bass, Rare Mussels and Water quality.

Dr. Betty Elder stated the mosquitos will be monitored around the lake.

Mike Suddeth requested calling your commissioner to complain about the mosquitos.

Robert Powell stated if he could get members of the association from each countyto go with him to the county commissioners meeting, he would try to get on the agenda as a representative of the homeowner's association and see if we can get help from them, but he will need support from the membersto attend with him to address the issue.

Marcus stated that buoy's would be in place over the lake before activity begins and signs will be placed on the bridge.

7. Report on activity in Worth, Sumter and Crisp County - Crisp and Worth County, as of right now, nothing is going on with zoning. Sumter County hearings are going on with additional carports and mobile homes on non-standard lots.

8. DNR Report - Sgt Wade Law could not be at the meeting so John Harkins with Macon County reported that Crisp County Sheriff's Department contacted him with info on several burglaries, 7 this weekend. They are occuring between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. pretending to be dock fishing.

Fishing has been very good thus far. They have already seen a lot of jet ski's and skiing going on rather early this year. They will try to get these jet ski's under control right off the bat.

9. Other business - Les Barnett reported a Web page is being set up for the association and will cost $320.00 a year. The web site will have interesting info including pictures and minutes of meetings. The board recommended this and a motion was passed for the web-site by members.

10. Property values and what we can do - Bill Stewart, Tax appraiser, reported property will be appraised at fair market value, this means, what it's worth. There are 3 grounds that you can appeal your property. They are: Property taxable, Worth the value, and equal rights. Call your Tax accessors office to get instructions on how to appeal and procedures to take. The last resort, going to court, this is not reccommended. For more information go online @

11. Robert thanked our guests Dr. William Tietjen, Dr. Betty Elder, Dr. Ian Brown and Ms. Devon Laster for being at our meeting. Robert also thanked Marcus for bringing the books and keeping us informed on the Power Commission. Robert also reminded everyone that we still have caps for sale @ $10.00 each.

Meeting adjourned.

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